The coordinators


foto Roberta Position: The Italian coordinator and the coordinator of the project.
Primary School Teacher (age of pupils from 6 to 11)
Teaches: Italian, English, Religion, Music, Art, ICT
Work experience: 18 years of
European School Partnership Projects: four times as contact person, twice as
coordinator and twice as partner.
Specialized in:  Biology, Piano and English.
Hobbies: travelling, cycling, skating

Roberta Grasso

foto Isabel2 Work experience: 10 years  of head teacher and 22 years of Kindergarten teacher.
Hobbies: play tennis, walk and to be with my family.

Isabel Taltavull

Ramón picture Position: The Spanish coordinator and the headmaster of the school.
Primary School Teacher (age of pupils from 6 to 11)
Teaches: Supporting English teacher.
Work experience: 34 years of teaching. 14 years as headmaster.
European School Partnership Projects: seven times as contact person and
six times as partner.
Specialized in:  Degree in Geographie and History
Hobbies: Tennis, paddle, cycling, running, to listen music, ICT.

Ramón Sánchez

photo Inga Position: The Lithuanian coordinator
English Teacher (age of pupils from 9 to 14)
Teaches: English
Work experience: 9 years of teaching
European School Partnership Projects: second time as partner
Specialized in:  foreign languages and project work
Hobbies: travelling, dancing, reading

Inga Šimonytė


Position: Turkish Coordinator
An English teacher ( Age of students from 3 to 10) and head of the language department
Teaches: English
Work experience: 10 years of teaching
European Partnership Projects: first experience in an Erasmus Project.
Hobbies: Swimming, travelling, reading,  going on a walk, taking photos.

Melis Kasapoğlu


Position: The Latvian coordinator
Russian teacher
Teaches: Russian
Work experience: 31 years of work
European School Partnership Projects:Comenius project “Green business” 2012­2014 Specialized in: foreign languages and project work
Hobbies: travelling, reading, knitting, cats, learning new languages.

Marina Ružanska

Ruth Cilia


Position: Malta Coordinator
Head of School Zejtun Primary A ( my first year as a head of school)
Teaches:teacher of Art; complementary teacher; Literacy support teacher; Head of Department for Literacy; Head of School
Work experience: 19 years as class teacher
European Partnership Projects: My first experience (have another two parallel Europeon projects)
Hobbies: Painting, reading, working as a voluntary worker in a cat scanctuary

Ruth Cilia




Position:The Finnish coordinator and Head of the Swedish Early Childhood Educationa in the city of Turku
Works as the head for the headteachers in public Swedish daycare centers in Turku and as an inspector and coach for the private Swedish daycare in Turku
Interested in developing good practices and quality in Early Childhood education.

Hanna Karlsson