Partner – Spain



         CEIP Europa is located in the neighborhood of Montequinto. Its population, around 35.000 inhabitants, is the fourth part of the municipality to which it belongs: Dos Hermanas, which has the characteristics of the bedroom cities. In Montequinto there are not serious problems of social exclusion.

      CEIP Europe is a relatively new building, since it was the first year that started during the 2002/2003 academic year. It has 2 lines, both kindergarten and primary, although this is the second year that has been reduced to 1 unit in 3 years due to the decline in the birth rate, caused largely by the present crisis.

The average age of the families living here is between 26 and 43 years. Already makes some years occurred a major building expansion in the area, which is currently stagnant. Economic level is, in general, acceptable.

      The academic level of our students is good. The vast majority, does not present serious problems of discipline, but an important feature of it is the great diversity that exists in the classrooms, not being very rare in many classes having 2 or 3 students with educational needs.

     About our teachers, their number is 25. The middle age is 45 years old. The vast majority is stable. For pupils with educational needs we have 2 specialists of therapeutic pedagogy, 1 specialist for pupils with problems of hearing and 1 monitor to look after this kind of pupils. In our school there is a great interest to reach agreements and participate in training activities. Currently it is participating in several projects: Erasmus+, New Tecnologies or ICT 2.0, Coeducation School: Space of Peace, School Library, Organic garden, Linguistic project,  etc. In addition, and given the diversity referred to above, we are trying to reach the goals, through a methodology that takes into account cooperative and inclusive work with students, because this comes carried out, since some years, technical cooperative learning and the implementation of the GAM (Group of Support Mutual).


It belongs to the province of Seville, whose capital is 12 Km. The Guadalquivir river irrigates some of their land. The weather is sunny with an average annual temperature of 18.7 º and an average humidity of 56%. It lies within a major communications network.

Agriculture was the largest sector of the economy of Dos Hermanas. Oranges and olives have been its most important products in the past. In terms of industry should highlight the existence of a large industrial estate in the municipality.

The town of Dos Hermanas than 100 thousand people spread across: the town center and the neighborhood of Fuente del Rey, Adriano and Montequinto, the first population of Seville for its population after the capital.

Montequinto, which is where our school is located, is named to these territories passed by an old Roman road whose fifth stone away or milestone military was here. In population Montequinto neighborhood has more residents than the vast majority of municipalities in the province of Seville (35.000 inhabitants). Chronicles tell that from here it was an incursion of Norman sight that was in the ninth century, when these lands were held by the Muslims.