Partner – Turkey


Dünya Schools started its education journey in 2000 with Dünya Kindergarten which was founded by Dr. Nesli Güven in Koşuyolu; has continued with Dünya Kindergarten and Dünya Primary which were opened in Çekmeköy,Istanbul. As Dünya Schools, our vision is, to raise universal individuals with developed individual creativity and sense of self-confidence who haven’t detached from their past, are in synch with the world, are tied to the Founder of the Turkish Republic; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, have aesthetic values. Dünya Education Institutes carries the honor of raising generations under the light of Atatürk Revolutions.

Since 2004, the institutions have been taking place in Comenius Projects one of the accomplished three projects was voted one of the best projects of Turkey by the Turkish National Agency and another project was honored with Certificate of Success by the Turkish National Agency.

Highly importance is placed on foreign language education within Dünya Kindergarten and Primary School, alongside the English lessons accompanied by Turkish and native teachers Spanish is being taught as the second language beginning from the first grade.

Primary school classes are arranged as tech-classes with smart-boards, computers and projectors. Boring School understanding is ended with hobby and rest stations in classes. Starting from the belief that every child is skilled and different, we aim to keep the curiosity alive and explore the skills within the children with club activities like chess, ballet, modern dance, swimming, percussion, astronomy and fun-science in the weekly curriculum, alongside the main classes.

As known: “Not ‘child for school’ but ‘school for child’ plays a big role in success.”